The Science Behind Why Organizational Change Is Hard On Your Employee’s Brain

Woman playing jenga in an article on how to manage organizational change by Adam Markel.

“The key to thriving in times of change is resiliency. When you learn to leverage change, uncertainty and even adversity to create long-term growth and resilience you, your employees and your business will succeed.” Adam Markel Navigating organizational change is a process that often challenges not just the structural, but the human elements of a […]

How AI Tools Can Help Your Team With Workplace Productivity

Team sitting at a table in an article on workplace productivity by Adam Markel

“When deploying AI technologies, leaders must remain mindful of employees’ needs, ensuring that technology enhances the work experience rather than exacerbating stress.” Adam Markel AI tools used in tandem with your team goals can drive productivity from the ground up. Picture this: mundane tasks are now in the rear-view, and data doesn’t just sit there—it […]

4 Essential Strategies to Improve Well-Being in the Workplace

Recently, the lines between home and work have virtually vanished. Circumstances necessitated change and employees scrambled to keep up. Managing these massive personal and professional transitions has been exhausting. Leaders recognized this and began offering resources, tools, support and training to mitigate the harmful effects of the stress it caused. Employees dug deep to unearth […]

Communication Strategies that Cultivate Collaboration in the Workplace

The heart of every organization is its people. Leaders who recognize this take actionable steps to ensure their well-being is paramount. Not only does this people-first approach benefit the employees, but it also drives organizational growth. By creating an environment of collaboration, engagement and positivity, leaders ensure every employee thrives and the organization reaches the […]

Prioritizing Well-Being in the Workplace Enhances Employee Engagement

Leaders approach each day with an already overflowing plate. Between the decisions that need to be made, the fires that must be put out, goals waiting to be achieved, problems that require quick solutions and customers demanding immediate attention, there isn’t much time left to focus on employee well-being in the workplace. Despite a finite […]

A Positive Workplace Culture Creates Unparalleled Success

The power of positivity in the workplace is a force unlike any other. Even one positive influence in an organization can create a ripple effect that eventually washes over everyone and everything, transforming the workplace culture into one where all employees thrive. When that positive influence is the organization’s leader, the effect is even more […]

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

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