Discover Holistic Wellness with

WorkWell’s Corporate Workshops

Organizations worldwide are harnessing the power of WorkWell’s corporate wellness workshops to create a culture where well-being is paramount and every employee thrives.

Discover Holistic Wellness with

WorkWell’s Corporate Workshops

Organizations worldwide are harnessing the power of WorkWell’s corporate wellness workshops to create a culture where well-being is paramount and every employee thrives.

The WorkWell approach to holistic wellness catalyzes sustainable success.

Inspire Collaboration and Drive Organizational Growth

WorkWell’s revolutionary approach to corporate well-being inspires organizations worldwide to discover profound well-being, collaboration, resilience and performance. The transformative power of our dynamic workshops, unleashed through practical strategies and experiential activities, redefines resilience and empowers teams to unlock their highest potential. Our team of professional and insightful experts delivers engaging in-person or virtual corporate wellness workshops artfully aligned with your organization’s unique needs and goals. Unleash the power of revolutionary wellness, spark meaningful transformation and discover boundless success.

Start your journey toward a more resilient workforce and see how resilient you really are with our quick assessment.

Optimize Well-Being with Corporate Wellness Strategies

Change Proof Workshop

Today’s world brings unprecedented challenges and chaos to how individuals work and live. The stress of navigating this uncertainty can take a toll on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, hindering creativity, flexibility and innovation. WorkWell’s high-energy and interactive corporate team building workshop inspires leaders to mitigate stress and cultivate well-being by becoming Change Proof. Through practical strategies and insightful advice, our team of experts masterfully guides organizations into building resilience and leveraging the power of change to drive growth.


Key Takeaways:

  • Unleash the power of individual and organizational resilience to create high-performing teams.
  • Learn practical techniques to bolster resilience and bounce forward through uncertainty.

PIVOT-Ability Workshop

Unlock the power of innovation with our PIVOT-Ability Workshop. Collaborate closely with our visionary team to embrace disruption as a catalyst for growth. Through expert corporate wellness consulting, learn agile decision-making, leverage small changes for significant results, and adopt a mindset that celebrates learning from “great mistakes.” Enhance your organization’s resilience and ability to thrive in the face of uncertainty.


Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into agile decision-making techniques that enable your team to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, fostering innovation and growth.
  • Cultivate a culture that encourages learning from failures, allowing your organization to harness valuable insights from setbacks to drive continuous improvement.

Bounce Forward Workshop

Discover how to navigate challenges with resilience through our engaging Bounce Forward Workshop. WorkWell’s dynamic sessions empower teams to embrace uncertainty, viewing obstacles as opportunities for growth. Led by compassionate experts, this interactive workshop equips organizations with practical strategies to elevate resilience levels and achieve greater success by bouncing forward.


Key Takeaways:

  • Shift your perspective on challenges and uncertainties, learning how to identify hidden opportunities for growth and development within obstacles.
  • Equip your team with practical strategies to elevate resilience levels, empowering them to navigate difficulties with confidence.

Got Your Back™ Feedback Training

Our revolutionary approach to building organizational cultures of collaboration equips leaders with tools to inspire employees, build resilience and elevate performance. The transformative Got Your Back™ Feedback Training empowers leaders worldwide to become champion facilitators and guide their organizations toward unparalleled success through impactful workshops and group events.


Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how authentic feedback can advance growth, trust and professional development.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of catalyzing empathy to navigate challenging conversations, ensure psychological safety and nurture a supportive culture.

Operationalizing Resilience Workshop

Our Operationalizing Resilience Workshop teaches leaders how to build a purpose-driven organizational culture that attracts top talent and prevents burnout, turnover and toxicity. Through the 4-tier Recovery Map’s actionable strategies and interactive exercises for fostering transparency, trust and cohesion, we help organizations discover accelerated recovery, optimized mental capacity and enhanced holistic wellness.


Key Takeaways:

  • Implement a 4-part framework to operationalize resilience and deepen its impact.
  • Create sustainable success by embracing a “Got Your Back” culture.

Resilience & The Bottomline Workshop

WorkWell’s insightful Resilience & The Bottomline Workshop delves into the harmful impact a culture of exhaustion has on an organization’s bottom line, and encourages leaders to pivot toward a more agile and sustainable culture of resilience. WorkWell’s experts deliver strategies that leaders can deploy to inspire collaboration, enhance capacity and successfully bounce forward through change. This revolutionary workshop catalyzes the power of resilience to unleash your organization’s highest potential.


Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize how detrimental stress, burnout and low resilience are to an employee’s ability to achieve Key Performance Indicators.
  • Unlock strategies for cultivating a workplace culture of resilience.

The 3-Question Workshop

WorkWell’s interactive, process-oriented workshop encourages leaders to explore meaningful individual and organizational resilience and unearth methods to apply it to their specific environment successfully. Our team of experts takes leaders through reevaluating their resilience with the Resilient Leader Assessment™ and offers profound insight into individual results. Through dynamic discussions around factors that threaten resilience, participants learn strategies for leading by example to create a culture of resilience and become future-proof.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn cohesively with other leaders as the group collaborates to identify factors that weaken resilience and create strategies to combat them.
  • Explore individual and organizational resilience and discover how to leverage it for sustainable success.

Unparalleled Success Begins with WorkWell

A People-First Workplace Wins

Unite employees in a shared commitment to well-being. By cultivating a sanctuary of support, leaders demonstrate that individuals are valued, celebrated and destined to succeed. WorkWell aids in designing a supportive and inclusive workplace culture where extraordinary achievements are everyday occurrences.

Build Resilience to Catalyze Success

Empower employees to view obstacles as opportunities and navigate change with confidence. Reframing the future enables organizations to increase employee engagement, loyalty and adaptability. By encouraging leaders to embrace change, WorkWell aids in developing a workplace culture where everyone thrives.

Powerful Impact of Teamwork

Prioritize holistic well-being and witness a profound organizational transformation. As employees are empowered to tap into their full potential, an organization’s overall productivity, dependability and business outcomes increase dramatically. WorkWell’s corporate team building workshops are the catalyst a leader needs to drive growth and discover sustainable success.

Create a Workplace that Fosters Excellence

By embracing employees’ unique abilities, backgrounds and experiences, and meeting their needs in the way that works for them, leaders are witnessing elevated performance, reliability and outcomes. WorkWell’s impactful workshops provide leaders with practical strategies and insightful guidance to demonstrate that the physical and mental well-being of every employee is paramount.

Foster Trust and Psychological Safety

Embark on a transformational journey toward creating a workplace culture where everyone feels safe being their authentic selves. Demonstrating empathy and understanding cultivates engagement, loyalty and success. Our corporate wellness workshops aid leaders in fostering an environment where holistic well-being is paramount, and employees perform at their peak ability.

Celebrate Diversity and Foster Unity

The future of work is diverse and inclusive. Our deep commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing inclusivity is underscored in the transformative workshops that encourage employees to be genuine. By encouraging individuals to share their unique backgrounds, perspectives and abilities, leaders can amplify collaboration, innovation and problem-solving.

Meet the Visionaries Inspiring Our Success

WorkWell’s unwavering belief in the power of people is evident in each team member’s relentless pursuit of revolutionizing employee well-being. Guided by the visionary Adam Markel, groundbreaking keynote speaker and celebrated WSJ bestselling author of PIVOT and Change Proof, WorkWell’s approach is at the intersection of people and profit. Backed by inimitable experience and knowledge in corporate well-being, leadership development and employee engagement, WorkWell’s team of dynamic minds will tailor research-driven solutions to meet the distinct needs of organizations worldwide. Join WorkWell on a transformative journey of resilience and well-being that culminates at a destination of unparalleled success.


Frequently Asked Questions

At WorkWell, we redefine corporate wellness with a progressive vision that transcends basic standards of the past. While personal upkeep measures are important, we believe true transformation lies in learning new methods for operating more effectively. Unlike conventional approaches, we don’t simply tell your team to get better sleep, eat healthier, or exercise. Instead, we empower them with a holistic approach that emphasizes mental resilience, adaptability, and work-life harmony. Through cutting-edge technology, research-backed insights, and proprietary resilience-focused strategies, we ignite genuine transformation within your organization. Unlike conventional programs, we prioritize individual well-being, emphasizing emotional resilience, adaptability, and mental fortitude. With a dedicated focus on fostering resilience and empowering your workforce, WorkWell stands as the catalyst for genuine transformation and sustainable success.
Corporate wellness workshops are the key leaders needed to unlock organizational transformation. Masterfully designed to promote well-being, increase satisfaction and amplify productivity, these engaging and interactive company workshops are delivered by WorkWell’s team of experts whose knowledge and experience are aligned with an organization’s specific needs and goals. Each workshop offers practical strategies, tools and resources to enhance holistic well-being, build resilience and cultivate positivity. WorkWell also offers the Master Certification – Resilience Train the Trainer program. Designed for graduates of the Got Your Back™ Train-the-Trainer program, this four-week practicum further enhances the art of training and facilitation developed in the Resilience workshop.
WorkWell recognizes that today’s landscape of in-person, hybrid and remote work creates challenges when bringing employees together in a collaborative environment. With in-person, virtual and asynchronous workshops that range from one to three hours, WorkWell’s programs amplify employee engagement by offering flexibility and accessibility. Each workshop is tailored to meet preferred formats, ensuring employees have a seamless, interactive and meaningful learning experience. WorkWell believes in maximizing every employee engagement workshop by addressing specific challenges, thoughtfully considering organizational context and meeting employees where they are.
WorkWell’s corporate team building workshops are universally successful across a range of diverse organizations spanning a variety of industries. The beauty of WorkWell’s artfully tailored programming is that it benefits clients from for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to private or public companies and even municipalities. Over 6,000 leaders worldwide have witnessed the powerful influence of our company culture workshops, underscoring WorkWell’s ability to adapt organizational resilience to any culture where people collaborate. With virtual, hybrid or in-person well-being workshops, WorkWell is guiding workplaces into working well, one organization at a time.
WorkWell believes in delving into an organization’s needs and goals, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of its leadership to tailor workshops that will have a lasting impact. With in-person and virtual sessions, these company culture workshops deliver strategies for increasing collaboration, well-being, resilience and performance. WorkWell’s team of experts utilizes the information gleaned during the consultation process to curate employee engagement workshops that focus on building organizational culture and precisely align with an organization’s values and priorities.
WorkWell’s team of visionaries are experts in building a supportive and resilient organizational culture where every employee thrives. Designed to enhance employee well-being and performance, each of WorkWell’s corporate team building workshops delivers meaningful solutions and insightful activities. From stress management workshops for employees to corporate well-being workshops on important topics such as discovering work-life harmony, practicing mindfulness and building resilience, WorkWell encourages organizations to prioritize self-care, navigate challenges and foster a positive mindset. This approach to holistic well-being improves employee’s mental and physical health, increases their engagement and satisfaction and ultimately creates sustainable success for the organization.
Whether an organization prefers to host a stress management workshop for employees or delve into a Train-the-Trainer certification workshop for leaders, investing in WorkWell’s workshops is a valuable way to drive growth by prioritizing well-being. A company workshop’s specific cost is determined by the organization’s size and workshop preferences. Once a leader reaches out with that information, WorkWell’s team will conduct a thorough consultation process to create pricing and align the workshop with the organization’s unique needs.
WorkWell is dedicated to delivering a seamless experience that catalyzes organizational transformation and empowers leaders to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace environment where every employee thrives with tailored strategies and insightful guidance. Embarking on a journey toward building an organizational culture that prioritizes holistic well-being to catalyze success is simple. It begins with a discovery session where WorkWell’s insightful team of experts conducts a resilient leader assessment and explores specific requirements to create a baseline understanding of your organization’s current state. This knowledge then drives a comprehensive process of assessment, advice and training.
WorkWell’s impactful influence arises from its incredible people and commitment to creating tangible and transformative results. Each corporate wellness workshop is tailored to offer new opportunities to build resilience, prioritize holistic well-being and create unparalleled success. Added benefits to the incredible sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that employees are discovering are a decrease in turnover, increase in productivity and a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. WorkWell is empowering leaders and individuals to thrive, one organization at a time, and leaders worldwide are discovering increased employee engagement, meaningful connections and heightened commitment after participating in a WorkWell corporate wellness workshop.

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

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