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At WorkWell, we redefine the corporate wellness landscape by embracing a forward-thinking vision that goes beyond traditional standards. While traditional wellness programs often focus solely on personal health habits, we believe that true transformation requires a broader perspective. Instead of merely instructing your team to improve sleep, adopt healthier diets, or exercise more, we empower them with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes mental resilience, adaptability, and work-life balance. Through state-of-the-art technology, evidence-based insights, and exclusive resilience-building strategies, we drive authentic transformation within your organization. Our distinctive approach places a premium on individual well-being, emphasizing emotional resilience, adaptability, and mental strength. With our unwavering dedication to nurturing resilience and empowering your workforce, WorkWell serves as the catalyst for genuine transformation and enduring success.

WorkWell is proud to offer a diverse array of corporate wellness resources tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs and goals while always maintaining a focus on the organization’s most important resource — its people. The process begins by gaining a deeper understanding of the organization’s decision makers to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie and customize a program that meets them where they are. This personalized approach continues through each of the following corporate well-being resources:


WorkWell delivers engaging keynotes that drive growth and create sustainable success. Masterful corporate motivational speakers deploy a tailored approach and deep understanding of resilience as they cover diverse topics around work-life harmony, stress management, resilience development, and change management.

WorkWell’s meticulously-crafted corporate wellness programs are designed to cultivate resilience and elevate well-being in the workplace. Through personalized training sessions and expert coaching, employees embark on a journey of growth, equipped with effective communication skills and resilience strategies. These influential trainings, covering crucial topics like growth mindset, communication, and stress management, empower individuals to unleash their full potential. With the thoughtfully designed Train the Trainer Certification program, organizations are empowered to independently foster and sustain a culture of resilience. 


WorkWell empowers organizations to embrace a holistic approach to well-being through tailored workshops, training, coaching and ongoing support. By prioritizing resilient values and principles, WorkWell aids in creating workplace cultures of unwavering support and resilience. These programs guide leaders into establishing a “Got Your Back” culture which naturally infuses respect and care into an organization. 

WorkWell’s focus on resilience and well-being is powerfully evident in the tailored strategies delivered through research-based consultancy.  Organizations around the globe have achieved powerful culture change with WorkWell’s invaluable guidance in aligning values, practices and leadership behaviors.

WorkWell provides a comprehensive range of corporate wellness solutions meticulously crafted to empower both organizations and their employees. Our corporate wellness consulting services revolve around the central theme of holistic well-being, closely aligned with an organization’s unique objectives. The corporate wellness workshops we offer serve as catalysts for transformation, offering practical tools and strategies to enhance overall well-being, satisfaction, and productivity. Our customized programs span the realms of physical and mental health, fostering a culture of positivity and active engagement. Furthermore, our team of dynamic keynote speakers delivers impactful presentations on vital topics such as resilience, leadership, and personal development. Through WorkWell’s corporate wellness training, employees gain essential skills to manage stress, improve productivity and prioritize self-care effectively. Collectively, these services work in synergy to cultivate a culture of well-being, reduce absenteeism, and pave the way for enduring success.

Embarking on a journey toward building resilience and becoming change-proof with WorkWell is simple. It begins by reaching out to schedule a discovery session, which will include completing the Resilient Leader Assessment™ tool and discussing specific needs to establish a baseline understanding of your organization’s current state. This knowledge is then expanded through a comprehensive process of assessment, advice, and training. From hosting corporate wellness workshops to bringing in a corporate motivational speaker for an employee meeting, every experience with WorkWell is tailored, effective and seamless.

WorkWell has the privilege of designing programs for diverse organizations of all sizes across a variety of industries worldwide. Each corporate wellness program can be aligned with an organization’s specific needs and goals, from small startups to large corporations. WorkWell recognizes that every organization is unique and is committed to offering comprehensive, customizable and agile corporate wellness strategies that benefit any industry, culture and employee demographics. 

WorkWell delivers a comprehensive corporate well-being approach to facilitating organizational transformation which typically spans six to 18 months. The process is remarkably simple and incredibly effective, and every moment of the experience is thoughtfully curated to meet an organization’s distinct objectives, culture and employee dynamics. After completing a Resilient Leader Assessment™ tool, WorkWell’s experts will engage leaders in a discovery session designed to unearth an organization’s specific needs and establish a baseline understanding of its current state. A structured process of assessment, advice and training will follow. This process includes reviewing initiatives and implementing strategies precisely aligned with an organization’s unique needs. Focused on driving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or attaining specific goals, WorkWell’s diverse array of initiatives includes engaging videos, insightful monthly resources, immersive team norms training, Train-the-Trainer certification and empowering coaching sessions.

Delivering tangible results every single time is our unwavering commitment. Collaborating with WorkWell signifies a commitment to fostering workplace environments where employees thrive, and organizations embracing WorkWell’s corporate well-being initiatives will experience remarkable transformations. These changes encompass heightened employee engagement, reduced turnover rates, and an enhanced level of productivity and performance. When leadership chooses to prioritize well-being by hosting corporate wellness workshops, training sessions, and keynote events, it sends a powerful message to employees – one that underscores their significance. The profound impact of this decision is not only evident in the resilience and well-being of employees but also reflected in the organization’s overall performance and profitability.

WorkWell believes in delivering unwavering support even after a corporate motivational speaking event, training, or a wellness program is implemented. Long after the initial engagement, WorkWell will continue to deploy a holistic approach through reassessment, advice and training to continue to meet organizations where they are on their wellness journey. The services offered are comprehensive and designed to nurture and strengthen an organization’s resilience strategy. With resources such as team norms training, train-the-trainer programs, executive and group coaching,mentoring, ongoing assessments, curated content, engaging video training programs, digital resources, including the transformative Change Proof program, and book discussions, WorkWell delivers innovative and effective methods to boost employee wellness and build sustainable success.

WorkWell takes pride in serving a broad spectrum of organizations, ranging from corporations and non-profit entities to private and public companies and municipalities. Our corporate wellness services have made a positive impact on over 6,000 leaders worldwide, encompassing Fortune 500 giants and innovative startups spanning diverse industries. With our unwavering commitment to prioritizing people, any organization, regardless of its size or sector, can experience remarkable growth and success by engaging with WorkWell’s services. Our adaptable approach can be seamlessly integrated into virtual, hybrid, or in-person work settings, making it a valuable asset for any organization that values teamwork and seeks to enhance its problem-solving capabilities.

The cost of WorkWell’s corporate wellness tailored services depends on various factors, such as the size of the organization and the specific services requested. WorkWell’s team of workplace well-being experts collaborates with leadership to craft strategies and pricing that align with the organization’s unique needs and financial considerations. Regardless of the cost, investing in employee well-being is a strategic move to create sustainable success and enhance productivity within the organization. The specific pricing details will be determined through a consultation process to ensure alignment with the organization’s goals and requirements.

Tailoring corporate wellness services is essential for achieving long-lasting outcomes that foster organizational growth and prosperity. WorkWell’s team of workplace well-being specialists engage in in-depth consultations and collaboration with your organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of your distinct needs and objectives. By identifying areas of strength and areas that require improvement, our consultants can meticulously design a bespoke corporate wellness strategy tailored to your organization’s unique context. This approach ensures that values, practices, and leadership behaviors are harmonized, enabling WorkWell’s research-backed services to empower organizations in cultivating a workplace culture that prioritizes holistic well-being.

WorkWell deeply understands and values the diverse needs of every employee and is well-versed in the intricacies of virtual, hybrid and in-person settings, as well as the needs of those with unique abilities. By focusing on creating an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, organizations can connect with every employee, regardless of their circumstances. WorkWell’s corporate wellness approach is flexible and compassionate and can be tailored to any and all needs. By adhering to a strong commitment to empower and uplift every individual, WorkWell aids leaders in fostering workplaces that celebrate diversity and embrace the unique strengths of each employee.

WorkWell deeply understands and values the diverse needs, backgrounds and experiences of every employee and is well-versed in creating a workplace culture that prioritizes holistic well-being. With a targeted focus on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), WorkWell works closely with clients to explore their unique organizational culture and challenges to ensure a corporate wellness strategy is developed that aligns with their goals and values. This process includes conducting thorough assessments to identify any existing barriers or biases that may hinder inclusivity, followed by thoughtfully tailored guidance on implementing meaningful DEI initiatives, such as cultural competency training or inclusive leadership development. WorkWell believes in empowering organizations to create a culture that embraces diversity and equity and celebrates every individual’s unique abilities, and our expert guidance doesn’t end when consultancy does. Ongoing resources, tools and coaching are offered to support leaders on their continued journey toward organizational transformation.

WorkWell’s impactful influence arises from its incredible people and commitment to creating tangible and transformative results. Each corporate wellness workshop is tailored to offer new opportunities to build resilience, prioritize holistic well-being and create unparalleled success. Added benefits to the incredible sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that employees are discovering are a decrease in turnover, increase in productivity and a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. WorkWell is empowering leaders and individuals to thrive, one organization at a time, and leaders worldwide are discovering increased employee engagement, meaningful connections and heightened commitment after participating in a WorkWell corporate wellness workshop.

  1. Empowering Organizations Across Industries


At WorkWell, we have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of organizations, spanning various industries. From Fortune 500 companies in the medical device manufacturing and confectionary/foodstuffs sectors to Quick Service Restaurant franchises and custom luxury vehicle suppliers, our programs have made a significant impact. Additionally, we have partnered with financial services companies, healthcare insurance providers, and government municipalities, each with their unique challenges and goals.


  1. Measuring Success through Key Performance Indicators


We understand the importance of quantifiable results when it comes to evaluating the success of our corporate well-being programs. Some typical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that our engagements focus on include year-on-year improvements in engagement survey results, increased measures of employee happiness, improved resilience assessment scores, indicators of health improvement (such as reduced sick leave or healthcare costs), reduced mental health impacts (e.g., absenteeism), decreased turnover/attrition rates, improved talent acquisition ratios, declining health and safety incidents, increased productivity measures, and enhanced leadership skills.


  1. Tailored Engagements for Targeted Results


Our engagements are tailored to meet your specific goals and organizational culture. Lasting anywhere from 6 to 18 months, our curated initiatives are designed to drive your desired KPIs. We offer a wide range of modalities and investment levels, including quarterly videos, monthly resources, team norms training, Train the Trainer certification, and one-to-one or group coaching. Collaboratively creating a roadmap that aligns with your unique needs, culture, and employee dynamics, we ensure that our programs deliver impactful and sustainable results.

WorkWell’s corporate wellness speakers have mastered the art of curating presentations to a specific industry or audience. Your corporate event speaker will engage in a thorough consultation and collaboration process with leadership to gain a deeper understanding of the organization’s strengths, initiatives, goals and areas for growth. That knowledge will be used to expertly craft a keynote on an array of topics such as work-life harmony, stress management, resilience development and change management that resonates with audiences and addresses specific challenges. Engaging WorkWell’s motivational speakers for a corporate event in any industry is an impactful way to build resilience and become change-proof.

In today’s landscape of in-person, hybrid and remote work, WorkWell recognizes that it is imperative for organizations to have the ability to engage with their workforce virtually. From virtual conferences, webinars or online meetings, WorkWell’s well-being speakers can motivate employees through a virtual platform. Delivered in the same powerful and memorable style as in-person, each virtual presentation is dynamic, interactive and impactful, leaving audiences feeling inspired to be their best selves.

WorkWell’s power arises from its incredible people committed to positively impacting individuals, organizations and the world. Each corporate wellness speaker brings diverse knowledge, extensive experience and deep compassion to the presentation, and collectively the team prioritizes the holistic well-being of individuals by integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects into every presentation. WorkWell’s programs are built upon the belief that resilient organizations create resilient employees and that investing in people is paramount. This approach enables organizations to increase productivity, enhance engagement and retain top talent. WorkWell is dedicated to guiding leaders on a journey toward growth and sustainable success.

At WorkWell, we take pride in our team of certified professional corporate wellness trainers, each possessing extensive expertise in the realm of corporate well-being. Our exceptional trainers, led by renowned keynote speaker and best-selling author Adam Markel, are dedicated experts who hold corporate wellness coach certifications. They are committed to redefining resilience and guiding organizations on their journey to becoming change-proof. With years of experience spanning corporate wellness, leadership development, and employee engagement, WorkWell’s team offers innovative solutions that empower organizations to build resilience, elevate well-being, and drive tangible results. Partnering with WorkWell’s certified corporate wellness trainers is a powerful step toward initiating transformative change within your organization.

WorkWell is proud to offer a dynamic and diverse array of corporate wellness training programs artfully designed to enhance employee wellness and optimize outcomes. With a targeted focus on resilience, innovation, communication and leadership, each of the following revolutionary workplace wellness training programs empowers employees to be their best selves, thrive in today’s ever-changing corporate landscape and meaningfully contribute to an organization’s resiliency, growth and sustainable success. 


  • Resilience for the Corporate Leader embraces the challenges that arise from change by building resilience from the top down. This transformative corporate wellness training program equips leaders with tools to mitigate the effects of stress and develop the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities. 
  • PIVOT-Ability! inspires organizations to leverage change to attain sustainable success. Recognize the importance of adapting, growing and thriving in today’s uncertain landscape and empower teams to build resilience and become change-proof.  
  • Speaking with Impact delves into the art and science of exceptional speaking. The most influential speakers can mesmerize audiences and leave a lasting impression by unleashing the power of carefully aligned words. Master the art of blending context, content and delivery to inspire and empower.

WorkWell is committed to delivering interactive corporate wellness training that engages employees in the way that best meets their needs. Each of the comprehensive corporate wellness services is expertly designed to utilize online platforms to empower, inspire and enthrall. Participants can access the training from anywhere, eliminating the need to be tethered to a physical location, and offering ease of access for employees desiring professional development opportunities and organizations seeking to enhance overall well-being.

Comprehensive corporate wellness training aids leaders in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where employee well-being is paramount, and WorkWell’s inspiring team of experts deliver revolutionary corporate wellness services that are meticulously designed to reduce stress, burnout and absenteeism. This expertise is underscored by the corporate wellness certifications each member of the WorkWell team earns and maintains. They leverage this knowledge to craft practical techniques for building resilience, mitigating stress and promoting a workplace culture of well-being. WorkWell’s programs equip teams with effective strategies for navigating workplace challenges, improve mental and physical well-being, and inspire higher levels of productivity and engagement.

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

Get Your Organization Resilience Ready

Become the future of work by harmonizing productivity and well-being in your workplace.

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